OW-er of power

that's what Ranae called it in an email the other day.
monday night, Ranae, Jane, and i went to Kate's to join her in what she called the "hour of power". it consisted of karaoke (not the singing kind), many lunges (side and forward), push-ups, lots of stairs, and running. for a girl who's never done a single lunge or push-up, can i tell you how much pain i was in on tuesday and wednesday? so wednesday afternoon, i decided to do the same thing.. though it was only 42 minutes of power. i'm going to get my muscles trained, darn it! and probably help my bad knee in the process.

tuesday night was date night. we decided to use some coupons Matt had gotten at work: two free movie passes at any Douglas theatre, one free medium popcorn, and two free small drinks. you can't beat that - free date! we saw "Superman Returns", which i ended up fully enjoying. it's high on my reccommendation list.

one last thought before i close: scrapbooking.
i decided we need a scrapbook for our wedding photos. it just didn't seem writing putting that special of pictures into a boring old photo album.. we wanted something more special. little did i know how much work, time, and money a scrapbook would take! but after many, many, many hours of labor, the scrapbook is done! i'm quite impressed myself.. though i don't think i will ever scrapbook again.

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