talk about blowing your socks off. (i know, cheesy saying, but it fits here)
a post dedicated to the life of a beautiful friendship. Steph, you made me laugh, and cry, and remember things that were stored in a part of my memory that hasn't surfaced for years. the unbreakable cup, the week spent sleeping on a floor in wisconsin, and so much more. they are memories that i treasure with my whole heart.
the awkward time in montana: could it have been we were both going through some really hard things, but we never really talked about it? that's my guess. don't take all the blame. i am glad though that the awkwardness was temporary.

you are in my thoughts often. i wish we could see each other more, but i am so thankful for the times we do have together. you are an amazing, beautiful woman, and i love seeing what the Lord's teaching you, a lot of through extremely hard things. i'm learning so much from you.

two more weeks! and we can talk face to face.

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