to my biggest fans

this post goes out to my biggest fans - ie: regular readers of the blog. i know of three, but if i'm missing any, feel free to let me know! :)

i just wanted to send out a thank you. it means a lot to know people are reading this.

Dad, i love you! i love how humble you are, and that you're encouraged by what i write on here. i don't think most dads would be that teachable to what their daughter has to say. i'm so glad the Lord uses me to encourage you; He definitely uses you to encourage me!!
oh, and happy birthday!

Steph, your blog encourages me everytime i read it. you have such wisdom and insight into God's heart. you come close to bringing me to tears quite often. your friendship blesses me. i'm so glad we've kept it going for so long, and i pray we are still friends fifty years from now!

Jackie, i love our friendship! i'll never forget how God brought us together in a time when we both so badly needed it. me, just starting to date Matt, and confused as anything. and you, with your now hubby thousands of miles away for so many months. i love our talks and times together. i can't wait to see where God takes you in the coming months and years. and i can't wait to see your kids. ;)

if there are any other avid readers, don't feel left out! these three are just the only ones i know read regularly.

much love to all my friends and family. you make my life so much better.

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Jackie said...

Thanks for the wonderful post! You are an amazing friend to me, Miss Sarah James...and I have always (and still am) so very thankful that our Lord has placed you in my life. It was no accident!

Thanks for being such a blessing! You are an awesome and beautiful woman, and I love learning from you (particularly in your pursuit of God's heart).