on a thursday morning

i was reading The Cry (put out by Word Made Flesh) yesterday, and part of it hit home. i thought i'd share part of it..

Chris Heuertz wrote: "it goes without saying that as long as our actions are a response to our love for Christ, we are obedient. we can be obedient in washing the feet of one with leprosy, visting young children held captive in brothels or feeding the elephants at the zoo. in recognizing love for God as the motivation for our actions, our obedience becomes a sign of our humility"

it makes more sense and has more impact with the rest of the article (titled Intimacy, Obedience, Humility in the winter 2006 issue). basically, he echoed Matthew Anderson's words when he said that following the will of God is not like "walking the tightrope". if our hearts are fully His, and we long to please him, then we will inevitably be following his will.

deep thoughts on a thursday morning. i'll probably post something quite a bit lighter later on.. something to make you think.

it's good to be back. hopefully this time i can keep it up along with school..

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