i'm sitting at work with nothing to do.
well, i could be doing homework. i have enough of it to go around. but i'm having trouble finding the motivation...
i haven't relaxed much at all recently. i'm not very good at it. i can always think of something more important to do than relax. then i feel dragged down.. kind of like right now. so maybe i should relax.. i supposed that would be the logical conclusion.
school is hard this semester. i think i've said that every semester, but this one really is harder than any other. i'm taking a class that, in the words of my teacher, is the "culmination of your degree up to this point, to see if you've really learned what you were supposed to learn". my whole degree basically rests on how i do in this class. research, paper writing, statistics, methods, data collection, study skills.. you name it. it's kicking me in the tail, but i do have a consolation: only three months left! then one more semester (which should be a much lighter load), and no more school for this girl!
all that being said, i'm starting to feel that my relationships have been suffering the last couple months. first it was finals, then the holidays, and now this semester. i seem to have no time for those important people in my life.. and i don't like it.

how do you balance everything? work. school. friends. my family. his family. my husband. and most importantly, God. we weren't created to be this busy.

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Jackie said...

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday! Hopefully it will be a relaxing night for you (besides the drive across town...we'll come your way on Saturday).