so i guess i'm pretty bad at this blogging thing. i'll go a couple months and post at least once a week, but then i'll got for months without even as much as a thought.
hopefully, once school is done, i'll be better.
i feel like school is my life right now. so maybe when i have my life back, i'll be able to do more of what brings me life and joy...
i'm still spending time with Him. that's one thing i haven't slipped on.
but everything else. it feels that life has kept going on... but i've been mostly absent.

with exceptions, of course.
the wedding last weekend, for instance.
i had the wonderful privelege (and joy) of spending nearly 2 full days in the presense of the now-Mrs.McIntyre. and her amazing friends (many of whom were already my friends; some of who i now would consider my friends).
and spending time with someone i've known since elementary, but haven't spent much time with since high school, and who now lives about 2 hours away.
seeing a good friend get married. and extremely happy.
taking lots of pictures.

but then back to "normal" life. or what normal has become for me this semester.
i have hope that it's only 3 more weeks. that i'm growing through this time.
that i'm learning a lot, and what i learn will make up for what it feels that i've lost (and am losing)

i don't know. maybe i'm being a bit melodramatic over the whole thing.
all i know is, i can't wait until that first week of May.
maybe i'll actually get to go to girls' night. :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, I love you! It was I who had the privilege (I think I just spelled that wrong...it's getting late and I'm getting tired) to spend two days with you around. I've missed you lately (and I know it's been just as much me as you), and I'm excited to have you in my life as I start this new season. You're friendship means the world to me. I hope you always know that. Love you! Jane