Easter power

wow.. i'm blogging two days in a row. what's going on??

i was listening on my iPod this morning to p.Les' first message on "what Easter means".
i'm telling you, that man has a gift.
a gift of hearing the Lord's voice, and then delivering that message to His people.
he talked about there being hope in life, no matter the circumstance, because of "Easter power".

(Easter power = Resurrection power: that same power that raised Christ from the dead is the power that has been given to us )

so no matter what, there is hope.
but we won't find that power offered to us unless we make the decision to do so.
unless we decide to walk forward.

"don't give up.
the enemy wants you to give up.
Easter power,
Resurrection power is available.
but you've gotta take a step of faith. you've gotta walk toward the wholeness.
i urge you, if you're going to defy all the odds that have been stacked against you...
you've gotta make up your mind, this day
to make your spiritual life and growth the absolute priority in your life."

-Pastor Les Beauchamp on April 8, 2007

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