pictures of the dress will come. this i can promise.
if it's not too big, Matt's going to put on his suit, i'll put on the dress, and we'll have someone take some pictures. just for fun. just for us. and for the blog, of course.

it was a good morning. i didn't have to be at work until 12:30, which is always a plus!
i got up a little after 8am, ate a bowl of cereal, and headed to Starbucks on my bike. i drank a good cup of coffee while reading Luke, jounaled a bit, and rode home. then i met my honey for lunch downtown.. we picnicked at Conagra Park, enjoying a perfect day! sunny, slight breeze, and in the 60's.

now i'm at work, bored as usual. someday, i'll get to quit my job to be a mom. i'm so excited for that day. but for now, i can just hope a customer walks through that door!!

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