nothing like a good dress (except maybe a good pair of jeans)

what a wonderful weekend.
my mom saved up her pennies and sent me and my sister on a shopping spree.
i'm really not used to spending money on myself. it was kind of hard. but i ended up with lots of cute stuff. it's nice to have a wardrobe with clothes that are not only cute, but they fit! go figure.

my favorite purchase so far (i've only spent about half my money):
a dress!!!
besides bridesmaid dresses, i have not bought a dress since my senior year of high school. and that was 8 years ago!
i can't wait for you all to see it.
i told Matt he should take me somewhere i can wear it. and then he can wear his suit. we would be one hot couple! (well, we already are, but it would just make it that much more obvious).

the dress comes along with a fun story as well.
i was at Kohl's with Kate (Anna says i'm a "Kohl's junkie".. i will wear that title proudly!). i mentioned really wanting to buy a dress. she told me about all the dresses that JC Penney had on sale.. it didn't take much convincing for me to get in the car and drive the five miles to the westroads, Kate in the passenger seat.
we walk out of the elevator, and lo and behold: there was Ranae and Anna!! my 2 friends who are fashion experts and see shopping as an art form (i mean both of those as the best of compliments).
so off we go.... into a crowded dressing room... with three girls saying things like, "too short", "too big", and my favorite, "too juniors". but we finally found the perfect dress.

now to find a good reason to wear it...

(Steph.. you should bring dress-up clothes when you come next weekend.. we could go out on the town! :) )


Spartan Princess said...

I think you need to post a picture of said dress. Better yet, a picture of you in it...for all to see its hotness! :-)

Jackie said...

hey, you're back! I had stopped checking your blog for updates, but something (or someone) told me to give it a try this afternoon.

And I am glad that I did...it is good to "hear" your voice & thoughts again in blog world.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ranae...I want to see a picture of this fabulous dress! Ranae showed me the one she bought, so I'd love to see yours!

I am Stephie, Ninja Warrior. said...

i will bring a dress, for sure. :) sorry i haven't written back this week... things have been INSANE. but soon we will catch up. i love you!!!