i'm quite excited - i get off work in less than 2 hours!
this is good for many reasons.

one, i am freezing!! i'm wearing my jacket (very much against the dress code), and i still have goosebumps all up my arms and i think on my legs too!

two, i have so much homework to do! my procrastination is back full force this semester (it sounds like a disease or something). i think it's a combination of having extremely boring, unchallenging classes, and senioritis. it's my last semester, and i'm so ready to be done!!! i just need to keep reminding myself that i have to pass these classes in order to graduate..... hopefully that'll put some motivation in my blood!

three, instead of actually doing homework, i'll be drinking a cup of coffee with a good friend that i haven't seen in a while. so much better than reading about psychology!

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