it's funny, sometimes when He asks you to do something that you really don't want to do, and you do it - trusting that He knows better than you - things end up so much better than you had ever hoped or planned.
nothing specific, really. just a realization that i've been having lately.

there's a concept that i've always known and understood in my head and heart, but when it comes to applying it to actual experience, things get a little stickier.
here it is. are you ready?

when you give up control of something to Him, He gives parts of it back to you and instructs you on what to do with it. as you act in obedience to that, you end up being in more control of the situation than you ever would have been if you had retained control in the first place.

He's been teaching me lately how to apply this concept to my daily life.
the results have been exciting, even in the small things.
my hope is, as i learn to be faithful in those small things, He'll give me bigger tasks. and by His grace, i will not let Him down!

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