waahhhh!!!! (pathetic crying sound)

(disclaimer: this is not a serious issue. nobody died. and nobody's sick. i'm just being melodramatic)

i received a very sad call last night at 10:16. i was sitting in the living room, enjoying a very good book (i'll talk more about that another day), attempting to get my reading done for my "o'dark-thirty" Bible study this morning.
the phone rang. it was Ranae. i think, "she never calls this late - something must be wrong!"

ignorance really is bliss. i never should've answered the phone.
though the ugly truth would've met me soon - when i went to visit one of my favorite places (see a few posts previous).
gone! all the Caribou Coffee shops, with no warning, gone!
their last day was sunday. the people who worked there found out sunday. everyone else found out monday morning. except for me - i found out at 10:16 last night.
the saddest thing of all - okay, not saddest. just the initial thing. there was this keychain - a caribiner in the shape of a moose head - that i've wanted for months. probably longer. i just never brought myself to spend the $2.99. the first thing out of Matt's mouth when i told him the news: "no!! i was going to get you that keychain for your birthday!!"

*sadder sigh*

really, in the grand scheme of things, i realize how insignificant all this is.
but for now, i will be sad. and grieve the loss of a favorite place.


SpartnPrincess said...

Somehow...I knew this post was coming. I hate being the bearer of bad news, but I had to tell you first. Imagine if you would have shown up there and it was gone. Then what would you have done? :(

sarah beth said...

i know!!!
i'd much rather hear it from you.. you pass on the news much more gracefully than had i found out inadvertantly.. that would've been an even sadder day!

I am Stephie, Ninja Warrior. said...

i'm gonna go ahead and say that this is judgment of the biblical kind.

starbucks loves Jesus, and Jesus loves starbucks.


sarah beth said...

oh, now you've done it!
them's fightin' words!!!