i love to read.
i would rather be caught reading a good book than watching TV or just about anything else.
the problem is, every book has an ending.
that means you have to say "goodbye".

you may think of me as crazy, but i get attached. to the characters, to the town, to the story in general. it becomes as real to me as the person sitting next to me.
but then.. you read that last page, that last sentence, and the story's over. it's done. the characters, for all intensive purposes, have died. i won't hear anything about them again; i'll never talk to them again.

i guess that's why i enjoy reading so much. because it's so real to me.
it's rare that i can start a new book right away - i need a "moment of silence".
this time, it's for Steve Benson, and for Tracy. (from The Oath by Frank Peretti)

all will be well tomorrow.
maybe i'll read Tolkein again... it's been a while.

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