I had my first experience last night with Dance Dance Revolution (DDR).
I was a little bit nervous. I get that way when I'm about to get up in front of any number of people (last night it was about 6) and doing something I've never done, and there's the potential for being made the fool.
it all turned out well in the end - I loved it! I have a new favorite past-time. and it's a great workout! my heart rate was up whenever I was on the pad.

I have to give a little disclaimer. my first song was so easy, it was almost ridiculous. everyone, even people who were good at the game, were scoring a "D" on every song. I scored a "B" on my first shot - that was how easy my song was.
I got better through the evening, but that wasn't the point. the point was that we had fun, laughed a lot, and burned a couple hundred calories.

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