application comes quickly

i just had a practical application to a previous post: do i harden my heart, or do i let it remain broken?
nothing happened to me, or to anyone i know.

it's a story about someone i've never met, and probably will never meet. yet i'm moved to the point of an aching heart, and shedding tears in prayer for a man whose name i don't know.
my co-worker told the story; her friend treated him at the hospital he went to.
evidently, a father of two was driving his suburban down the interstate. his son was buckled in next to him, and his wife and daughter were in the backseat sleeping, not buckled in. he went to pass a truck and trailer, and while doing so, a dresser fell off the trailer. he swerved to miss it, but that caused him to lose control. his car rolled several times before finally stopping. his kids were okay, but his wife was gone. she was pronounced dead on impact. he escaped with broken arms and wrists, nothing more.
Tiffany's friend (Tiffany is my co-worker) walked into the hospital room to treat him for his broken bones. his hands were hanging in front of him, strapped into a temporary brace, and his head was hanging low to his chest. when he looked up, he had tears streaming down his face. his only request: would you please wipe the tears from my face? i can't use my hands or arms to do so myself.

how do you handle grief like that? a grief that says, if only she had been wearing her seat belt. if only i hadn't tried to pass that truck. if only.......
but they don't help to ease to pain. they only make it worse. and they don't bring back the one your heart loves..

if my heart were hard, i would be able to hear that story, say a quick prayer, and move on. maybe never think about it again. but since my heart is soft, it hurts for this man, and for his children. Father, may you keep this on my heart as long as You will. remind me to pray for him and his family. bring comfort to them; draw them to Yourself. amen.

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Jackie said...

That is such a sad story, I will try to remember them in my prayers as well.

I am glad that you are keeping your heart soft. Even though it is harder, it is so good.

And don't worry, our Lord is the one who enables us to keep our hearts soft and to never grow too weary among what can be overwhelming pain & suffering.

Continuous filling each day is so very important, I was reminded of that on Saturday night. Hope to see you soon!