sleepy morning

mondays are always harder than any other morning to me. it's harder to get out of bed, and harder to fully wake up once the day starts. but i'm getting there, slowly but surely.

we had a great weekend. friday night, we had Jim and Tracy and their new little one (Jim 3) over for dinner. it was a great time of talking, making JJ laugh, and eating McDonald's ice cream cones. then, saturday night, the newlyweds (Jeremy and Becky) came over. we cooked a bunch of spaghetti, and they brough the sauce. and of course, since it was Jeremy doing the cooking, it was filled with venison. mmmmm.........
after eating all the deer my tummy could handle, we headed to putt-putt! we took some fun pictures that i may have to post later. the girls kicked butt.. the guys tied for last place. that was quite good for my competitive side. ;)

Sunday was church. Pastor Tommy spoke in the morning about the fear of the Lord. i've heard him give the message before, but it was like hearing it for the first time. what's the difference between the fear of the Lord, and being afraid of Him? maybe that's good fodder for another post.
after church, we went home to relax. we played a game of dominoes, and one of skip-bo. then we just sat around. it was great! it's rare that we get to do that together.
in the evening, we headed back to church for TN. Matthew talked about need vs. want. talk about a butt-kicker. it was excellent. he challenged us to only buy based on need. if there was something we wanted, ask the Lord first if it was something He wanted us to have, and if so, how He was going to provide it. practicle application? we're going through our budget once again to see what's necessary, and where we could save a little money. we want to be faithful with what He gives us! and we want to pay off our mass of school debt.
he talked a lot as well about waiting for the miraculous. credit cards have stolen our need to wait on the Lord. we just go put it on the card instead of asking the Lord, and then waiting to see what He will do. that needs to change.
like i said, it was an excellent message. i really believe it hit hard at the core of a lot of people's hearts, including mine. it's always good to get a good reminder of what's really important, and who to trust with our finances. they're all His, anyway!

so yes, it was a good weekend. this week is pretty full for Matt.. but i seem to have left my evenings open. we shall have to wait and see what comes of that.. anyone out there want to hang out with me?? :)

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