bah humbug

tis the season...
...to be stressed out.

(disclaimer: I don't hate Christmastime. I just feel grumpy about it sometimes. I'm sure I'll post happy Christmas thoughts before all is said and done)

Have I ever mentioned how annoyed I get at times during this time of year?
Everyone wants your time, your energy, your money.
Buying Christmas gifts for everyone becomes more of a financial buden and parties become more of a stress than they are a joy.
I get really tired from constantly running from one thing to another.

Isn't this supposed to be time to stop and enjoy family? To enjoy everything the Lord has given us? And most importantly, to remember the day our Lord was born onto Earth?

How quickly some forget. How quickly I forget!
How do you stop and make it a joyous time of year again?
A good start would be to keep your heart in the right place, even if outer circumstances can't be changed.
But the question remains, how do you do that when everyone is demanding more of you than you are able to give?
Or am I just having a bad attitude?

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Jackie said...

Think it probably happens to all of us at one point during this time of year...hang in there, slow down where needed, enjoy the small things, and say "NO" when you need to.

love you lots!

P.S. Congrats on a upcoming graduation!!!